What is Energy Healing anyway?

What do you do??? I hear this often when I tell people I’m an Energy Healer. It’s usually accompanied with a funny side glance. It’s kind of a funny name. I haven’t come up with something better. I’ve discussed this with other energy healers they say the same thing.

You can’t heal energy. Energy just is. It exists. It is as we are.

Let me give you a few stories of what I have seen and experienced as an energy healer.

I was doing a remote healing on a woman who’s husband had died in a very dramatic motorcycle accident. I asked her to lie down in a quiet comfortable place. As I began tuning in; I always begin by calling Source/God/Creator to connect with the Divine. Then calling in my spirit guides, Ascended Masters and Angels and calling in her guides too. Within the first few minutes of the session I saw a silhouette of her fragmented soul, a part of her she had lost from the shock and trauma of her husbands passing walk back into and merge with her body. This was a full size ghost like image that was a significant piece of of her that she had lost. I had nothing to do with this. I did not ask for this to happen. It just happened .So, being an energy healer can be described facilitating healing or holding the space for it to take place. It is the Soul or the Higher Self that constructs the healing. The healer creates the space. I did some energy work on her for the following hour completing the session. But I knew the main work was done within the first few minutes of the session when this piece of her soul came back to her and this was why I was called into help.

Another story, I was doing a session on a young woman, In person this time. I had been working on her for a while. this consists of tuning in looking psychically at her physical body, emotional body, mental body and her soul body.Then pulling old stuck energy out. (Its really more than that. We’re keeping it simple for now). She is laying on a massage table. I’m walking around her in a softly lit and darkened room. I’m feeling this energy and it feels like a poison its very toxic. Its not her but it is all around her in her energy field. I tell her what I am seeing and feeling because I can’t quite figure this out. She says without hesitation “oh that’s my Mother!” Instantly this energy that is the shape of a wispy white female form rises up out of her body a few inches above her it pops and disappears. She felt it come out of her body. We both saw this happen. You may wonder if this was a ghost? No, it came form her Mother directing so much negative and toxic energy onto her daughter that it was starting to envelop her being. This was a negative thought form just needed to be recognized and her guides or Higher Self helped facilitate the removal of this toxic energy.

One more interesting story. Another session on a woman who is very psychic and has clairvoyant abilities. When you do healing sessions on people you scan for early trauma, belief systems and old patterns, things like this. I can often see or feel them and sometimes the information just comes to you as a knowing. Often past life scenes come into view that are influencing their life now and in this life time She was a Seer or an Oracle. In this specific past life and was punished for predicting the wrong thing to a very powerful person. This mistake ended her life in the life time. Leaving a large etheric shard in her forehead going into her 3rd eye. As soon as I saw this shard several beings showed up and pulled it out of her etheric body. Again I witnessed this I didn’t do this.

The human experience is to say the least messy and difficult. We go through so many things and are not taught how to move these feelings, emotions and blocks that end up binding is to the past creating stress or illness then holding us back from living as freely as we all desire. Energy healing can assist in moving these old stuck blocks that can come from this lifetime, past lives even generational or old family structures, belief systems and old patterns that no longer serve us. As these energetic patterns clear space within the energetic body opens us up to the new. Creating more space for love, clarity, wisdom, creativity, inspiration, higher levels of consciousnesses and even a greater connection to spirit, your higher self and to the Divine.

As you can see it is hard to say exactly what energy healing is. What I can say is; its beautiful, mystical and always interesting. It is as vast as the human experience is. Energy healing is all these things and more.

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  1. Very good and easily understandable piece. Gave concrete examples of a sometimes very abstract concept.

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