Lorina is an amazing energy healer! She can hone in on parts of your body that are blocked and can move the energy out! She can pick up information about why the area blocked too. This energy can be something of this lifetime or even past lives. I send many people to her as I know that she can help them! If you have an issue or blockage and just haven’t been able to move it, go and see Lorina she will be able to help release it!
Terri T.
Lorina was my first introduction to energy healing. I did not know what to expect and could not really have imagined the healing that would result from that visit. Without any prior knowledge of my life or my extensive medical history, Lorina was able to identify past and current medical issues and help me to understand how the energy could be moved or released resulting in improved health. Her gentle healing and sage advice brought a peace and well-being I have not experienced in a very long time.Wendy R.
My wife suggested I go see Lorina for a persistent lower back issue. Although I don’t have a good understanding of how energy healing works, I know that I felt better. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful and Lorina helped me understand what was happening and what I could do to help myself. Excellent and experience!Russ R.
I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain for over 5 months and then later fell down the stairs and injured my shoulder (with Chronic pain). I was going for weekly chiropractic treatments, monthly deep tissue massages and attending weekly healing services with no improvement. But after just attending one reiki healing session with Lorina, I have now been totally-pain free for over two weeks. She truly is an amazing and a gifted healer!!Michael E.