Alora Lotus Energy Healing

Available Healing Services

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    Chakra cleansing and balancing

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    Divine life purpose

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    Ancestral/ generational healing

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    Past life information and block removal

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    Past life regression

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    Intuitive reading with Tarot or Oracle cards

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    General healing session - Combination of services

What is Energy Healing?
Energy Healing is a way of connecting with the Divine, God or Universal Consciousness.There are many names for this energy. You can connect with this energy through conscious intent or thought using your psychic awareness or channeled connection. Allowing yourself to direct energy to the places that need balance, healing, more openness to love or to make more room for your greater, authentic and more powerful self.

Through Energy Healing, it is possible for you to release old patterns that are blocking you from going forward with your life. And also release old stuff that you’ve picked up from other people that don’t even belong to you. it happens all the time. We don’t even know we’re carrying other peoples stuff. Especially if it’s from a highly charged emotional event.

Many things are possible with a willingness to let go and let the Divine in to help manifest change.

What to Expect in a Healing Session
Lorina starts with a conversation about your goals for the session. Then she calls in her guides, teachers, master healers, ascended masters and angels to assist with the Energy work. She scans the physical body, emotional body and mental body and looks at soul level and spirit level to find blocks and imbalances or patterns. Lorina looks for stuck belief systems, past life traumas or events still wielding influence over your life. Parental, generational and ancestral patterns or blocks, fight or flight patterns, poverty/prosperity issues are assessed. During these scans, Lorina receives channel information pertaining to soul lessons, life purpose, information on guides. Sometimes loved ones who have passed on come through with messages or to assist with healing. All sessions conclude with a chakra balancing. Finally, if you like, Lorina calls in the your higherself so that you can consciously connect with that part of yourself going forward.

Lorina is trained in the following healing modalities:

Lorina was brought to this realm in 1983 by a woman named Ethel Lombardi and was lucky enough to train with her in 1991.

Ethel was the 2nd person to become a Reiki Master in the US and this healing system was presented to her by 3 Monks. She completely stopped practicing Reiki and started practicing and teaching MarIEL. MarIEL is said to come from Mother Mary and the Elohim. Its a beautiful and powerful healing modality.

Lorina was first initiated into Usui Reiki in 1993. She became a Reiki Master in 1996. Reiki Healing originates from Japan with Hawayo Takata bringing it here to the US. It is said to have come from Mikao Usui, a Japanese Gentleman who, after fasting and praying on a mountain, received the energy and instruction on how help share and give this energy.
Is an extension of Reiki that goes further into the energy with more insight and power.

Is an amazing healing modality Created by Richard Bartlett. Matrix Energetics connects you to your heart, where all things are possible and then allows you to let it go. In this Heart space you connect with the zero point field of universal consciousness, where the old falls away and new possibilities come into your reality. So Much fun!
Created by Richard Bartlett, this is a technology that scans and tests for out of balance patterns in the bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Then it resets the body template to its proper alignment.
Is the practice of going into a theta state and connecting with God, where all things are possible, where more information, healing and change can happen.
In the most simple terms, the Yuen Method is finding your neutral point along your spine and bringing change in from that point.

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