About A Lor A Organic Studio

Lorina is a gifted and talented healer, channeler, psychic and medium; she is Clairsentiant, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. She started this journey as a child when she began remembering past lives. Today, she remembers many of her past live as well as pre-life memories. Lorina’s had many mystical experiences connecting with divine beings, including one where she directly connected with her higherself.

Lorina began her energy healing journey in 1991, learning a MariEL energy healing with the founder Ethel Lombardi. She became a Reiki Master and a Karuna Ki Master, and went on to learn many other healing modalities–Matrix Energetics being one of her favorites. She regularly conducts healing meditation circles and leads circles for developing one’s psychic abilities, mediumship and energy healing.

Lorina brings her experience, wisdom and knowledge into healing sessions, helping people clear blocks, old patterns, and belief systems that are getting in the way of what we all desire: living a more true, authentic and purposeful life.


7329 East Stetson Dr., Suite 11, Scottsdale, AZ 85251